Urban mapping is an idea based on the potential of vacant areas and was an exercise in formulating a business plan out of my personal values:

By analysing the neighbourhood and its needs, and looking at the interests of the small business ass well as the local government, we can find a new function for the vacant building or area that will get you out of your chair and into the city.

What does the city need to radiate and where are its qualities? We look at social dynamics and the history that has shaped the city the way it is today.

Together with the help of architects, sociologists, ecologists and every field of expertise we appear to need after the urban mapping, we build a place that becomes a new key element in the neighbourhood. Our priority is to areas where aging and impoverishment are overshadowing the image the city deserves. We are drawn by the freedom and possibilities an area in this situation permits. Here, creative initiatives are offered a chance to prove its role in society, and we are happy to take this challenge.

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