I have formulated a philosophy based on a process in which I researched the 5 natural elements of ancient Greece: earth, water, wind, fire and aether (the element of void).

I intend this to be the base for a new leisure activity that will be needed in our future society. To get an impression of the future society, I focus on present day phenomenon like individualization, digitalization (and many aspects of economy, politics, geography, environment, communication etc.). By researching how this future society could be like I get an idea what kind of problems can be expected.

It became an idea of engagement, natality, enthusiasm and hope.

The research book follows my interest on a broad range of subjects.  The ‘Kairos book’ (Kairos being one of the Greek gods of time) explains a full train of thought, from the selected research till the possible ways of applying my ideas.

The results were two applications based on the ideas of the pre-Socratics of ancient Greece and the ‘NOW’.

1 – I plea for experiencing pointless activities so we can be separated from the goal-directed thinking that the economy imposes on us, which even dominates our personal lives.

2 – I discover that being on a high place like a rooftop, mountain, airplane or outer space gives a sense of stepping out and above the flow of time of our daily life. This refreshing perspective makes it easier to experience self-reflection and digest your thoughts.



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