Name: Thom Bindels

Place of birth: Heerlen, The Netherlands

Year of birth: 1992

Previous Education: Vrijeschool Heerlen, Bernard Lievegoed school Maastricht

Current Education: Design Academy Eindhoven

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What: Solve problems that I find important and work from my own values. Feel responsible for the origin of your design. Work out of the need of society, the need you see or the need hidden underneath. Translate phenomenon and systems that are below the visible surface to make people feel responsible and involved. Consider the importance of every step within a production cycle, from raw material to its impact after disposal. Question things, make aware and be critical. Work from a deep fundament. Look at as many perspectives and layers of your design as possible and make aware decisions.

In the future I will: be following my fascinations. My broad range of interest will lead me into a very undefined working area. Everything that I learn results into new perspectives and opens up different worlds. The definition of ‘a designer’ is always being redefined by society.


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